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Proofreaders Proofreaders are actually much needed and in high demand in many different facets. Proofreaders can be found in many different job fields such working for magazines, newspapers, publishing houses, radio stations, news shows, television shows and much more. Many of these jobs will pay proofreaders decent money depending on their experience, the corporation they are working for and how efficient and quick they can work. The average proofreader salary is roughly around thirty to sixty thousand dollars a year. That can go up depending on things such as experience, the field they are in and how long they have been in the business.

For those individuals with longer term experience they will find that they will typically see that their salary will increasingly get higher and higher the longer they are in the business and doing well. One of the top paying jobs you will find as a proofreader is working in a publishing house. This is because you are constantly expected to read through several manuscripts at a time, meeting deadlines, working with editors, authors and much more. Your responsibilities as a proofreader become larger when working for a publishing house, therefore, your salary goes up higher.

Individuals who work as freelance proofreaders will also find that they can make extremely high pay as well. You will find that freelance proofreaders have a salary that can fluctuate, depending on their jobs, but for those who are established freelance proofreaders, they will find that their salary can be just as high if not higher then individuals who work for publishing houses. Freelance proofreaders are great jobs for individuals who like to have the freedom of working from home, getting their hands on a lot of different types of books, manuscripts and more. You will find that you will gain a well rounded knowledge of the field of proofreading that will help to sell yourself a lot easier to companies that are looking for proofreaders. This is the perfect job for those who are interested in flexible hours, traveling and being able to work from home.

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Steve Cherecwich said...

So, could I please take a moment, and suggest that the author of this article NOT get a job as a proof-reader. "Their" are so many mistakes in "there" article above, that "their" is no way I can trust the rest of it.

Anonymous said...

How much will you pay me to proofread _this_? =D

they will find that they will typically see that there salary -- 'there' should be 'their'

Faizi said...

how and where we can apply for proof reading job?

Jester said...

I would like to know where I can apply for this job also. Please be in touch.

Anonymous said...

Contrary to the claims here, proofreading is a notoriously low-paid job.

Proofreaders said...

Proofreaders' earnings usually depend on the type, size, and location of their employer.

Nationally, median earnings of proofreaders were $13.97 per hour in 1998. In large unionized city newspapers, Proofreaders, depending on their experience, could earn from $5.15 to $15.13 per hour in late 1998. After one year's experience, copy editors working for large Detroit area daily newspapers earned $10.43 per hour in early 1999.

According to a Michigan survey, proofreaders received an average of $10.75 per hour in 1999. The hourly range for this occupation was $7.00 to $19.70 per hour.

Depending on the employer, most Proofreaders receive paid vacations and holidays; life, accident, disability, and hospitalization insurance; retirement plans; and sick pay. These benefits are paid for, at least in part, by the employers.

Advancement possibilities for proofreaders are limited, however, those with experience and leadership ability may advance to supervisory positions. Some may advance to editorial positions with additional education and/or training, especially if they are proficient in language skills.